Current projects:  

Summer 2013 conference presentations on cellular automata (Armenia) and sheaf theory in Deleuzian philosophy (Portugal)

Past projects and events:

Spring 2013 Invited Lectures:
Simon Duffy (Yale University Singapore) on Deleuze/Badiou and mathematical models in philosophy

Joshua Ramey (Haverford College) on Vico and divination in philosophy and economics

Spring Endicott College Learning Community:  Signs and Structures across Disciplines

Fall 2012 Invited Lecture:
Ellis Cooper (Endicott College) on category theory and stochastic timing machinery

Workshop on "Thinking in Images: Diagrams across the Divisions" at Haverford College, April 12-13, 2012

Fall 2011 Invited Lecture:
Economic Models and Economic Reality
Fernando Tohme (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina)

Spring 2011 Colloquium:
Diagrammatic Ontology -- Category Theory and
Natural Universals.  With invited guests Brian Glenney (Gordon College) and Michael Bukatin (Brandeis University).

​Spring 2011:
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Davis Foundation Grant implementation: "Using Category-Theoretic Methods in Humanities Pedagogy"

       Spring 2011 Colloquium
Fernando Tohme and Gianluca Caterina
Fall 2011 work session in Boston
Above:  Jake Levenstein and Kelsie Bissell
Below:  Brian Glenney and Michael Bukatin